Who am I and Why am I here?

This is another journey for me and I love the excitement of doing something new! My name is Jim Kaszynski with 69 years of life experience that I want to share. I live in Thailand doing volunteer work and having a blast with life.

My life has been anything but boring, it has been filled with adventure doing many things that most people would  say was impossible, however, it came with a price. I went from rags to riches and the loss of money was the least of my problems. Broken marriages with the loss of my children and hating myself as I lived under a car. After many years of causing pain to others and myself, because I chose my addiction to alcohol and drugs over everyone and everything.

My resent adventure was walking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago from France to Spain. The lessons learned, was to discover, why I am here!

I am writing my book which will be about my walking journey and the miracles that happened. It will reflect on my life from birth to  my newly discovered life. I also learned the difference between Religion and Spiritually. After my walk I had an emergency in Thailand and was unable to walk. It’s been eight months being on my back and am now at Mayo Clinic, I am now walking.

Why I want to write, simple, people have shared their life with me how they made it through some of the problems I faced and now it’s my job to pass on my experience. Oh yes, having fun with life is also my mission. Humor, has also been an important part of my recovery as I share in my writing.

Lets have fun!…Jim Kaszynski


9 thoughts on “Who am I and Why am I here?

  1. This might be the first blog, I ever read at wordpress but missed to comment as I was still getting to know this place..Loved the experience shared…its was transcending through all the time you LIVED TO THE CORE..cheers to that spirit and hope I inculcate the same in me.. 🙂


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